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About us

In InteractiveELE, we are dedicated to providing a unique Spanish learning experience that goes beyond conventional lessons. With a shared passion for the Spanish-speaking language and culture, our team of highly trained teachers is committed to offering a dynamic and personalized approach for you to discover and immerse yourself in the Hispanic world.

The history

More than 70 years ago, the Fulgencio Romera Training Center embarked on a bold journey to adapt to the changing learning needs in an increasingly interconnected world. Recognizing the growing demand for flexibility and accessibility, we committed to offering a Spanish learning experience that transcended physical limitations.

That's when InteractivELE was born: a pioneering platform that fuses academic excellence with the convenience of online classes. We decided to take a leap into the future, betting on technology to bring Spanish to any corner of the world. Our objective was clear: to offer an enriching and personalized educational experience, eliminating geographical and time barriers.

In InteractiveELE, we are proud to have created a virtual environment that not only teaches the language, but also celebrates the cultural diversity of Spanish speakers. Our vision goes beyond traditional lessons; We seek to inspire, connect and empower our students to immerse themselves in the language and the cultural richness it represents.

Our team


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